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Shoe Information

Shoe Information Bulletin - There is no question about it women love shoes!

A woman makes a statement with her shoes today. If you open the door of any average woman’s closet, you will be able to tell quite a bit about her – by checking out her shoes. That scuffed up pair are her favorites. Those trainers with the mud caked on them are an indication that she may be a runner – or possibly a gardener. If you see cowboy boots, she may ride horses, but if the boots are in excellent condition – with no dirt, scuffs or dust – she is probably into country and western dance. Are there a large number of dress shoes in every color and size imaginable? She works in an office.

Read about why SAS Shoe Company is Americas favourite comfort shoes.

The in-depth article on physiological footwear looks at the recent rise in "slimming shoes" and asks "is there any truth in the hype?" I would love to hear from you about your own experiences with MBT's, Fitflops or Reebok Easytone.

With over 400 stores across the Mid West the buying power of Shoe Carnival makes them a chain not to be over looked for everyday footwear often at discounted prices.

If you need help determining your equivalent shoe size whilst shopping abroad or online take a look at the shoe size guide which helps make conversions painless.

Looking for a definition of a shoe term you may have heard about? Take a look at the glossary of shoe terms, something missing, complete the form and add you term and definition to the page.

When I started this website friends sent me through many quotations on the subject of shoes. I have assembled these into a just for fun list. If you have a quotation you would like to add please contact us.

The average woman has 25 pairs of shoes in her wardrobe, if you are a shoeaholic then you probably have many more. Make sure you are making the most of your spending power by knowing where to get the best shoes at the best prices.

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