Rocket Dog


The Rocket Dog story began in 1997, originating in sunny southern California.  Two guys with many years experience in the footwear field decided to join forces and create their own range of shoes.  Inspired by one of the founders’ energetic dog, Max, who greatly enjoyed speedy outings to the beach and racing around in the sunshine.

Rocket Dog Image Rocket Dog creates daring style combinations: librarian lace-ups meet sex-bomb spike heels.  Demure scotch plaid meets new-wave chunk.  Sturdy topsider meets punk-rock patent.  Practical tweed flats meets swashbuckling samurai sash.  Scaled down wellie meets fanciful fauna print. Opposites attract; fireworks ensue.

Rocket Dog Image

The attention to detail, in-sole fabric, buckles, bows, eyelets, laces and various finishing touches ensure the shoes stand out from the crowd and you never tire of wearing them.

These shoes don’t blend in with the well-heeled pack – those nondescript breeds with their tails between their legs. Rocket Dogs bark.

Take a look at the video below, and enjoy your own day out in the sun!

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