Renting Designer Handbags

For handbag addicts like me this new trend in renting designer handbags is a god send that saves me hundreds of pounds a year. Whenever I fancy a new handbag the first thing I do is check out Bag Borrow or Steal to see if I can save a packet by renting the bag instead of buying it.

There are so many new fashionable handbags it is really difficult to choose just one to purchase. If you rent a handbag instead of buying it you can change it every week and it costs you the same amount. You get to stay in fashion and save money.

This is exactly what you can do with Bag, Borrow or steel. You pay one amount, borrow a designer handbag and when you have had enough of it you send it back and borrow another one. It’s like having a new designer handbag every week.

Bag Borrow or Steal has hundreds of bags from over 50 designers including Fendi, Kate Spade, Dkny, JLo and Marc Jacobs. All you need to do to rent designer handbags is sign up for membership, pick the bag you want to borrow and they will send it to you. When you are done you can send it back and borrow another.

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