Handbag Information

Handbag Information

In our handbag information section you will find information on everything that has not yet hit our designer handbags section like information on dog carriers, selling bags and how and where handbags are made. You will also find news articles.

If you are a designer handbags fan make sure you check out our designer section. We have vital information on the difference between replicas vs inspired, and why one is legal while the other is very illegal and could get you into hot water.

Looking for something unique? A collectable piece which, when found it good condition and cared for will increase in value year on year....then don't miss our vintage handbags articles. Hints and tips on where to find, how to care for, how to restore and what to avoid when shopping in the vintage handbag market.

Even the most dedicated followers of fashion can do a bit for the environment. candy wrapper recycled handbags are huge at the moment, funky, fun and very now! Not bad for recycled rubbish. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Hershey's have released limit edition 500 runs and the value of these bags is rising among collectors, some exchanging for $100's within two months of release.

Have a browse, read up on all the bags, get all the info you need and then go on a handbag hunt and find yourself a bargain in confidence. I will even tell you some of the best places to start looking.

Handbag Articles

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