Dog Handbag Purse

If you have a small dog the new craze in dog handbag purse carriers might just be for you. If mans best friend in under 1 foot tall it tends to be womans best friend instead. We treat our dogs like babies taking them everywhere, dressing them up and loving them to death.

Dog carriers may be looked at as a little eccentric by some but they are very practical. Our little dogs have small legs and find it hard to keep up with our busy lives so it is much easier for them and us if we carry them.

If your dog is 2 to 7 pounds in weight there is a wide selection of carriers available to you.

Be sure the carrier you purchase has the following:

1. A safety snaps to clip onto your dog’s collar to prevent your dog from jumping out.

2. Adequate ventilation at both ends of the carrier at least, preferably also at the top of the dog carrier.

3. A comfortable and easy clean interior.

4. Storage pockets for treats and other necessities is a nice extra feature.

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