About Me

About MeHi. My name is Helen, and I'm a 36-year-old living in Northamptonshire with my wonderful husband, Geoff, and our handsome labrador, Oscar.

I have worked for years as a bookkeeper but inside there has always been a creative flair desperate to be unleashed. My mind is an incessant whir of ideas, dreams and coffee, even if my body can't always keep up!

About MeAbout MeAnd so too this site - I am not sure when or how it happened but I have fallen in love with shoes and handbags. The colours, textures, styles, materials all excite me. Northamptonshire was once the home of the UK footwear industry, I am in shoe heaven!

About MeAbout MeI love how the right pair of shoes or an unusual handbag can completely transform your entire look, and the right size and shape bag can help you bring out the best in you figure. What girl doesn't want that?

About MeAbout MeMy favourite things in life -I love reading. I love the sound of walking over river stones or crunchy gravel. I love to travel. I love ordering room service. I love cold, grey, windy days at the beach. I love all things apple, my iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro.
I love cooking. I love ice skating.
About MeAbout MeI am learning to play the guitar. I love walking Oscar through crunchy leaves in the wood. I love making my own jewellery.
I love coffee. I love the people that are always there for me. I love the smell of my Mulberry handbag.

About MeAbout MeAnd the not so good -Washing muddy floors. That Monday morning feeling. The sound of deadlines as they go whooshing by.

My favourite handbag designer - Radley, others come and go but I keep returning to my Radley bags.

About MeAbout MeMy favourite shoes - My very muddy Timberland boots.

Now you know a little more about me.
I hope you find some of the information on this site useful.

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