100% Recycled Handbags

Recycled handbags

Recycled Handbags can be made from many different materials. This handbag is made from 100% recycled fruit juice packets. It is bright, fun and totally practical as it is not short of zips and pockets. The woven in wooden handle makes this bag perfect for day or night time.

With so much information in the media about recycling, the environment and our individual carbon footprint I think these statement bags provide the perfect solution. Fashionable, funky and a guaranteed talking point………

These bags are made from 100% recycled rice sacks.

Recycled handbags

recycled handbags

The only downside to these handbags is the interest they create when out and about. Do not underestimate the wow factor these handbags have. Total strangers are constantly stopping me and asking where they can buy them.

They also make truly unusual presents. As well as handbags and shopping bags the Rubbish Bags range also includes cosmetic bags, purses, jewellery boxes, notebooks and laptop bags.

A perfect way to make your eco credentials soar!

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