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All girls love shoes and handbags, something seems to come over us in the presence of a really gorgeous pair of shoes and matching bag and no matter what the cost we have to have them.

It is amazing how good a really spectacular pair of shoes or a designer bag can make you feel as you walk out for a night.

The designer shoes and designer handbags sections are packed full of information, from choosing the right product for your outfit, too saving a small fortune renting the latest designer bag.

Looking for that wow factor on a budget? Turn to replicas vs inspired for hints and tips to ensure you get a fantastic product without the designer price tag.

Our shoe information guide contains articles on the latest trends, what's new and what's not to be missed. Look out for special discounts on your favourite brands.

New for 2011 The Shoe & Handbag Girl UK Store and also The Shoe & Handbag Girl USA Store both packed full of shoes & handbags, designer bargains and fast delivery.

This site is constantly being updated with the latest products so check back often to see what's new.

In the meantime if you have any queries or comments please contact us I would love to hear from you!

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